Franklin Moore

News:  Franklin H. Moore, Jr. (IV), aged 83, passed peacefully on February 3, 2018 at Port Huron Hospital under hospice care after a short stay.  See more on his life.  

Welcome to, a site that traces the history of a direct lineage of six generations of Franklin Moore’s.  While Frank Moore is a fairly common name, this site focuses on six, most of whom lived in St. Clair, Michigan, a small town about 50 miles north of Detroit.

The first Frank Moore was born in 1845 and the sixth in 1993.  Two of them are living in Ann Arbor, Michigan today.  Though some are Seniors and Juniors, the middle names have changed over the generations, so they aren’t officially I through VI, but we’ll refer to them like that in this site.

The first Franklin Moore was born to Rueben Moore, who was married to Margaret Riddle in 1831.  Franklin was born in 1845, their second son.  The first, Charles Freeman Moore, was born in 1842.  We’ll follow the Charles Moore family through the years here, too, as the two families have stayed close for the past 170 years.  In fact, the youngest generation Franklin Moore (VI) was babysat by Lindsay Moore, the great, great granddaughter of Charles Freeman Moore while she was a student at the University of Michigan.

See the Franklin Moore Family Tree click Descendents button

Franklin Moore I married Emily Parmalee in 1873 and they had four children, Laura in 1875, Franklin Jr. (II) in 1877, Margaret in 1879 and Emily in 1886.

Franklin Moore, Jr. (II) was married in 1905 to Jennie Harkness and they had two children, Margaret in 1906 and Franklin Harkness (III) in 1907.

In 1931, Franklin Harkness Moore (III) married Alice Wolfs and they had four children, Franklin Harkness Jr. (IV) born in 1934, Margaret in 1936, Susan in 1938 and David in 1948.

Frank Moore VI, V and IV
Frank Moore VI, V and IV

Franklin H. Moore, Jr. (IV) married Nancy Shearer in 1958 and they had four children, Franklin Shearer (V) born in 1960, Elizabeth in 1962, Jennifer in 1964 and Walter in 1968.

In 1988 Franklin S. Moore, aka Spike (V), married Jennifer McCutcheon and they had three children, Katherine, born in 1990, Franklin McCutcheon, aka Mac (VI), in 1993 and Michelle in 1996.

Thanks to Peg Roll, family historian and sister of Frank Moore IV, for many of the photos and content on the site.  

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